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[personal] Home

Home in Portland. Got about 2.5 hours done on the Sekrit Projekt in transit. Have gassed car, bought groceries, fetched mail, etc. on the way from the airport. The book haul in this week's mail includes Jeff VanderMeer's Finch, David Anthony Durham's The Other Lands, and nifty stack of METAtropolis hardcovers from my friends at Subterranean Press.

Off shortly to help the_child buy a German-English dictionary for sixth grade use, and take her to get her hair cut. Going to lay low and read tonight, or possibly watch a DVD of Caprica, depending on time and mood. Tomorrow the_child and I are off to a big bash at kzmiller's house. Sunday she's off by rail to Mt. St. Helens with her grandmother and her cousin, while I do office stuff and lots of writing/WRPA.

Good to be home...

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