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[links] Link salad celebrates September morn

The Outer Alliance Pride Day posts begin — I joined the Outer Alliance, not because my sexuality is queer (my Kinsey rating is damned near a negative number) but because I believe in what the Outer Alliance is trying to do: create and maintain normative visibility for the entire spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. It's not that I think we should be queer-indifferent, any more than I think we should be color-indifferent or gender-indifferent — but those are aspects of identity, not criteria for judgment or prejudgment. So, in my own small heteronormative, white guy way, I participate, starting here.

erudite_ogre is less than impressed with some of my work — For one, Escapement Powell's | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders ].

The Academy of New World Historiansbrendacooper goes viral with some nifty extratextual support for her books.

The First Step Is to Admit You Have a Problem — Scott Cupp at SF Signal on his overwhelming love affair with books.

One last crack at the Google Books settlement [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

Hachette chief hits out at e-books — French publishing CEO on how e-books will destroy the print book business. Hmm. (From a mailing list I'm on.)

Hands-free shopping — Invisible Hand, anyone? Neat concept, profoundly ripe for abuse.

Iron Age Butter Discovered in IrelandThe butter has turned white and is now adipocere, a kind of wax. "Adipocere" is also known as "grave wax", which is second only to "coffin liquor" as my favorite weird postmortem detail. Mmm, saponification. (Via mizkit, here.)

Arctic summers ice-free 'by 2013' — Rush Limbaugh to Ice Station Zebra, stat. That liberal bias to reality is showing again.

The poor and the dark skinned have more babies than the rich and the light skinned — And other canards of the paranoid Right. (Thanks to lt260.)

Defending America from terrorism — More on the conservative mindset. No thanks, I'll take the reality based community every time.

Tea Bagger Rhetoric in American History — Worth reading, whether or not you take the Republican rhetoric about the dangers of healthcare reform at face value. A nice reminder of how often those "end of the American way of life" jeremiads have been used, and how wrong they've been every time.

?otD: How much is that Doogie in the window?

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