Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[funny] Department of things which are ironically ironic

The chief symptom of my current shoulder problems is debilitating pain when I thoughtlessly reach past my currently limited range of motion, or grasp weight in certain ways. Unplugging a power cord with my left hand can send me to the couch in tears for several minutes, unable to move or think. This is why I was at the physical therapist yesterday.

So this morning, I was icing my left shoulder as instructed. On finishing the icing effort, I went to remove the ice bag from my shoulder, and it slipped away from my grip, where I immediately grabbed for it with my left hand.

Bingo! Debilitating pain! From my fricking ice pack!

Oh, irony, thy bite is cruel yet unloving.

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Tags: funny, health, personal

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