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[links] Link salad discovers Friday

The Flash Fiction Open continues well [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] — Some more good entries these past two days in comments on both sides of the blog. I'll put together a poll over the weekend. Meanwhile, if you've been thinking of writing one, you've got a another day or so.

Seattle Geekly podcast episode 30 — In which both calendula_witch and I are interviewed in connection with Grant's Pass, along with a cast of several.

Great flaming gas bags! — Walter Jon Williams on Jess Nevins on zeppelin pulps. W00t! (Via klingonguy.)

Prehistoric monster terrorises kids in the Ganges — Sort of... (Via io9.com.)

Healthcare that worksThe New York Times with some facts, some polls and some strong analogies about healthcare reform.

Joe Republican — An essay which makes much the same point I did yesterday: that government and liberal activists have made almost everything people assume about their lives today possible. Clean air, clean water, safe roads, safe medicine, workplace benefits and so forth. (Thanks to joshenglish.)

?otD: Who put the "Fri" in "Friday"?

Body movement: n/a (overslept post-travel)
Hours slept: 6.5
This morning's weigh-in: n/a (forgot to weigh)
Currently reading: The Real Wizard of Oz by Rebecca Loncraine; The Other Lands by David Anthony Durham

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