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I'm taking it fairly easy this weekend. Reached a milestone in the Sekrit Projekt on Thursday, so I'm coasting for a few days before I jump back on the horse. Being in San Francisco with calendula_witch is a terrific way to do that.

Yesterday, we saw District 9. We both liked the movie a lot, even in recognition of its various flaws. The key point for me is that the movie succeeded in trumping my internal editor and simply pulling me along. Very few films can do that for me anymore, so there's a big storytelling win right there. I'll post a more detailed (and likely spoilerish) review in the next few days as time permits, but highly recommended, unless you are sensitive to movie violence. District 9 is hyperviolent.

Cooked a bitching spaghetti sauce last night. Probably not innovative enough to be worth of a recipe post, but suffice to say that browned ground turkey, lots of light sauteed vegetables and a bunch of garlic doth make for good eating. I will mention that flash-cooking chopped garlic in hot olive oil, then mixed with oregano in making the garlic butter, yields some awesome garlic bread.

We're hanging at home today, with some writing on the schedule, and dinner with the_ogre tonight. Y'all play nice and enjoy the holiday weekend. (Or, for you non-USAnians, enjoy the weekend.)

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