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[food] An update on the insanely good simple chicken marinade

Longtime readers (as of, oh, last week), will recall the insanely good simple chicken marinade recipe [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. I made it again tonight, testing for a more serious run at an upcoming writing retreat where I am camp cook.

Variations on last recipe:

— I used freshmade limeade concentrate instead of straight agave nectar (ie, agave nectar cut 1:1 with fresh-squeezed lime juice)
— I drained the chicken pretty thoroughly before cooking

Things I learned:

— Limeade makes it more awesome, but slightly less sweet, so suit to taste
— 1 cup of marinade per pound of chicken is more than enough
— Don't drain it so thoroughly, as cooking the chicken in more of the marinade enhances the flavor
— Even drained more carefully, I still used two pans, so that was a wash (get it? huh?)
— This stuff would make a passable kung pao if I threw some peanuts and celery in and slathered on a little plum sauce
— This stuff still makes awesome quesadillas

I think we have a winner.

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