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[writing] Onward and onward I go

Once I got a fairly horrendous amount of house cleaning done, I put a little over two hours on the Sekrit Projekt today. It's a combination of editing, redrafting and new wordage, so word count isn't really to the point. However, here's a little WIP...
The Marine guard on duty nodded to E.E., though whether he recognized E.E. personally, or just the dark suit and hurried pace of a bureaucrat late for a meeting, was debatable.

In either case, E.E. was buzzed on into the secure area without any particular effort at formality. That suited him just fine, personally, though if he had been the chief of mission, he'd have been all over the Admin officer about sloppy procedures.

Better for thee than for me, he thought, smiling at recognition of the mild twinge of hypocrisy.

Up the stairs to the second floor, down the hall, walk like you mean it. He'd learned that lesson years ago from his father never act as if you're waiting for permission. It was a corollary of the old principle that a man with a clipboard can go anywhere. E.E. was reporting in to his new boss Martin Ennis, chief of the political section, whom he'd never actually met, and wasn't too thrilled about the rumors that had reached his ears so far.

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