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A few notes of potential interest:

The voting poll for the Flash Fiction Open contest [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] will close Sunday night or Monday.

This is part because I will be mostly or fully off the grid from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. calendula_witch and I are going to a writing retreat on the coast with a cast of 2/3-dozen. (She'll be here tonight. Yay!) davidlevine and kateyule are our hosts, and we're taking zellandyne with us in the Genre car.

Likewise, due to prep for the weekend, no writing got done yesterday. As I am camp cook at the retreat, likely no writing will get done tomorrow. I do plan to make up for these deficiencies over the weekend.

In the mean time, amuse yourself with this photoset of the Scholes babies. And of course, expect light to non-existent blogging through most of the weekend.

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