Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal|food] Friday updatery

Speaking of food, last night we made lamb steaks. Brushed them heavily with olive oil, then rubbed on salt, black pepper, oregano, garlic salt and dry mustard. Let them sit for a few hours before searing in a pan with light olive oil, garlic cut fine and jalapenos cut fine, then pan-fried on medium heat. Sauteed mushrooms and steamed green beans for side, plus some garlic bread. And habanero jelly as a side to the lamb. Mmmm.

Working the Day Jobbe today. calendula_witch and zellandyne will be shopping for goodies for this weekend's retreat. I'll be putting tonight's marinade together at some point, and then we'll all light out for the territories around 2 pm. Expect continued light blogging through Sunday evening.

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