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[personal|travel] Upcoming peripateses and other events

October, where is thy sting? It's the second, and I'm flying back to Portland from Omaha this morning. My calendar, as always, is complex. Here's the current plans, subject to change.

October 8th, I fly to San Francisco to see calendula_witch. On the 12th, I fly to either Phoenix, Los Angeles or back to Portland, depending on the scheduling of an upcoming business meeting for the Day jobbe.

October 17th I'm off to the Washington Coast to help my Dad celebrate his birthday with others in my family.

October 21st, calendula_witch returns to Portland (yay!) because of my cancer scans on the 22nd. That's a PET/CT, to see if the suspect masses in my liver and lungs have grown significantly.

October 23rd, she and I are off to SteamCon.

October 26th, I have my oncology followup to have the scans read and establish next steps. This may trigger another three month scan and hold (most likely), may trigger chemo, or may trigger some unexpected other outcome. Then calendula_witch heads home.

October 28th, I'm down to San Jose for World Fantasy Convention. There through Monday the 2nd.

November 2nd, I'm off to Phoenix for four days for a trade show. Will probably try to lay on an open dinner while I'm there. Watch this space for details.

November 9th, I'm off to Omaha for my usual week there.

November 13th, I'm back to San Francisco for a few days.

calendula_witch is coming back to Portland for Thanksgiving and Orycon, which we'll be attending November 27th through November 29th.

Whew. That's a lot.
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