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[links] Link salad wakes up in its own bed for a change

The Global Sociology Blog reviews Metatropolis Audible.com | Powell's | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Borders ] — A somewhat different perspective than the usual genre reviews.

English Electric Lightningx-planes with an impressive classic aviation photo, of an early jet fighter in flight.

this is the coolest picture you'll see all day — Wil Wheaton (who certainly doesn't need link love from little old me), has an awesome photo he ganked from Warren Ellis (who certainly doesn't need link love from little old me, either). Mmm, Star Trek and cars.

And now, nerd news — Ben Goldacre at Bad Science about how junk science news propagates, while the real stories do not. Also serious faults in the medical research system.

Time Lens Speeds Optical Data — I don't give damn what it actually does, I want a time lens. Everyone else who wants a time lens please form an orderly queue.

Don't forget 1996The Talent Show reminds us that the last time the Olympics were in the US ETA: ahem, that when the Olympics were in Atlanta, a domestic right wing terrorist bombed them. Conservative America has not gotten any less crazy since then (no matter how much my conservative friends may be in denial about their own fellow travelers). The IOC surely had that in mind.

?otD: How badly do you want a time lens?

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