Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[travel] Here, finally

My flight which was supposed to arrive at 5:28 landed about 7:50 and made the gate about 8:00 pm. This was due to the Blue Angels closing the SFO air space this afternoon, which caused the outbound flight that was my plane back to San Francisco to be delayed about two and a half hours.

Having gotten inside the terminal about 8:00 pm, I then waited until after 8:40 for my luggage to get inside the terminal. I've seen worse, but rarely.

On the plus side, my cab driver wanted to talk about aviation graveyards, Soviet heavy lift aircraft and WWII tank design. Luckily, I am equipped to hold my own in such discussions, at least long enough to get from SFO to Cole Valley. Also, my Google Wave invite showed up.

calendula_witch is still at City Arts and Lectures, where I was supposed to be with her tonight. I think I'm going to bed before anything else stupid happens, but I'd really like to thank the Blue Angels and the United Airlines baggage handlers for making my travel day extra super duper special.
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