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[links] Link salad calls him Jimmy the Saint

The Washington Post reviews the film adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are" — Money shot: This isn't to say that "Where the Wild Things Are" isn't suitable for children; it's just that it will probably be most enjoyable to children with a working knowledge of Bruno Bettelheim's "The Uses of Enchantment" and psychoanalytic theory.

Scrivener's Error with more bits and pieces on the Google Books Settlement — Including a link to a truly bizarre statement from Google co-founder Sergey Brin, in which Brin appears never to have heard of the Internet, or interlibrary loan, or abebooks.com.

Ragsdale Pioneer Zephyr Train — Mmm. Streamliner.

Soaked — About the great Chicago underground flood. I had forgotten this. Fascinating urban history. (Via Freakonomics.)

When saints collide — More astronomy humor from Ellis Nadler.

A Headline That Will Make Global-Warming Activists Apoplectic — Hmm. Maybe that liberal bias in reality isn't so liberal? Interesting. Though I suspect the data as a whole (ie, ice coverage etc.) will swiftly overturn this finding. It would be a fine thing if I were wrong.

Bush Preemptive Strike Doctrine Under Review, May Be DiscardedThe international environment is "more complex" than when President George W. Bush announced the policy in 2002 Actually, the domestic environment is "more sane" than when President George W. Bush announced the policy in 2002.

?otD: How much is that dogie in the window? The one with the beautiful moo?

Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 6.75
This morning's weigh-in: 229.8
Currently reading: Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox; Demonhead by Shannon Page

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