Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

In case you're playing the takehome version of "Where's Jay"

08/14 - tillyjane and I are taking the Child to hike inside a lava tube, Ape Cave, in the Mt. St. Helens area.

08/17 - 08/21 - I'll be in Seattle participating in the workshop, ceremonies and socialization around the Writers of the Future XXI. I'll be hanging with aynjel, and a whole bunch of other folks.

08/27 - 08/28 - Long Beach peninsula with my parents and the Child, per the recent discussion on scarlettina's lj.

09/01 - 09/05 - CascadiaCon/NASFiC, to see some, all or none of you there.

09/05 - 09/11 - Omaha, on the freaking red-eye, no less. I'll see blzblack most likely, and garyomaha.

09/19 - 09/25 - Omaha again, and ditto blzblack and garyomaha.

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