Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

Car update

I went back to the scene of the crime, but no ashtray. I'd hoped the swiper had grabbed the change and dropped it in a nearby gutter or dumpster. (Yes, I checked several of those.) I'm debating going to the junkyard, versus just ordering one from a dealer -- the balance between hassle and expense. mkhobson found an ashtray on eBay (thanks!!!), but it turned out to be the one for the rear seat.

Meanwhile the rough idle problem turned into a full blown case of shuddering whenever the engine is under load. I recently had the fuel filter replaced because of occasional odd fuel-related behaviors. Now it seems like the fuel pump was likely the culprit. The mechanic is currently contemplating the wonderfulness of mid-1990's Chrysler Corp fuel systems with 90,000 miles of road time. (Aside to mckitterick: I have the skills, experience and tools to do much of this work myself, but I don't have the time or interest, or currently, a workspace.)

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