Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[links] Link salad climbs into a submarine with Raquel Welch

Dazed Rambling on world building — He is not so fond of my cities, or bram111's.

Language Log lays some smack on Dan Brown

Ads from a 1952 edition of Laff — I'm quite taken with the love letter ad, myself.

Time Travel Through the Brain — The lede is tongue-in-cheek, though quite cool. The story is about the history of how we visualize the brain, also cool.

?otD: How fantastic was your voyage?

Body movement: 60 minute suburban walk (with stretching)
Hours slept: 6.0
This morning's weigh-in: 233.0
Currently reading: Dragon in Chains by Daniel Fox

Tags: funny, language, links, personal, process, reviews, science, writing
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