Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[conventions] WFC, crawling from the wreckage

Well, that was quite something. One of the more intense convention weekends of my life, and quite amazing. WFC 2009 in San Jose was very well run, my Toastmaster experience was flawless, I had a great time on my panels, my speech at the World Fantasy Awards went over well, the cheese party was awesome, and calendula_witch's birthday was a rousing success. Spent loads of time with zellandyne, brendacooper, shelly_rae, la_marquise_de_, desperance, Mark Ferrari, bravado111, AC, and too many others to count.

Now at the San Jose airport, flight has been cancelled so I'll be here a while. Not looking forward to going home to the quiet of my own head, but this was one hell of a party to send me off into cancerland.
Tags: calendula, conventions, personal, travel

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