Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[art|cancer] Call for masks

Since I'm not going to be at OryCon due to the thoracic surgery, and I'm kiboshing the Sunday visitation plan for reasons of respiratory health (will try to make the Skype thing happen, though), I have a new idea.

Jay Lake masks.

Could be stick masks, casts, abstracts, whatever. If you're an artist, or a crafter, or just want to have fun with it, make a mask of me. There's a kazillion photo references on my Flickr account. Bring it or send it to OryCon, or to your hometown con, and while I'm laid up from surgery (and later, chemo), I can be with you. I'll make a Flickr pool for the project, and later on we can have prizes and stuff.

But mostly for fun, and so I can go on being out in the world with you guys.

Make me a mask, if it pleases you.
Tags: art, cancer, conventions, funny, photos

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