Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[personal] Another day in the Northeast

Well, today was not exactly made of win. We drove 50 miles in the remnants of Hurricane Ida to reach our client. We arrived early, made a coffee stop to kill a little time and prep for the meeting. Driving into the client site, my co-worker spilled a 16 oz latte on my pants and shoes. This was not good meeting prep, frankly. (Though the meeting went just fine.)

On the way back, we stopped for gas near the Philadelphia Airport. Weather was still wet and raw, and so due to my continuing efforts not to catch a respiratory illness, my co-worker got out to pump, and nearly got rolled by a dude in a black parka.

So, erm, just as glad to be safely back in my hotel room. Tomorrow, San Francisco and calendula_witch!

Tags: calendula, california, funny, personal, travel, weird, work

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