Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote,
Jay Lake

[funny] Wisdom of the Niece

lillypond, a/k/a my sister, reports of her daughter, almost six years of age:
Two nights ago we got on the subject of things we are thankful for and she told me, "I'm thankful for the earth and all the planets. And I'm thankful for the solar system. But I'm not thankful for wormholes. They take you places and you can't get back."

Last night we got into a conversation about periods, she wondered about the blood and why it happened, so yes we did end up talking about ovaries and the uterus and how a woman's body prepares for a baby and when it does not get pregnant we have a menstrual cycle. She noted that she didn't have a period and we talked about how her body was still young and not ready to have a baby, and I told her was like those parts in her were still brand new and hadn't been opened yet.

Then we talked about how even though your body thinks its ready in its teens, when most girls get their period for the first time, your mind still isn't ready until years later. She talked some more about her body was still too young and I said yes, her parts were still in hibernation. She said, "No Mom, my ovaries aren't hibernating. They are pointing at my stomach and my liver and laughing and saying, ha ha, you have to work and I don't!"

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