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Jay Lake
Date: 2009-11-18 05:36
Subject: [links] Link salad has its hair pulled back, Wayfarers on
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A fascinating roundup of some (starkly contradictory) reviews of my novel Green Powell's | Amazon | Kindle | Barnes & Noble | Borders ]

Fantasy and Fitness: Interviews with Jay Lake and Elizabeth Bear

Get Fuzzy on what writing really is — Plus bonus parts of speech!

Faults "intollerable and euer vndecent"Language Log is rather funny about 16th century prescriptivism. With primary sources, no less. A must-read for word geeks and grammar geeks.

Hippos biting a crocodile to death — Wow. And yes, this is a violent photo. Nature red of tooth and claw.

PETMAN prototype — A walking robot that approaches the uncanny valley from a different direction. (Thanks to wilyumtx.)

?otD: Where did you leave your heart?

Body movement: 60 minute urban walk (San Francisco hills!)
Hours slept: 6.0
This morning's weigh-in: 233.0
Currently reading: Finch by Jeff VanderMeer

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Kenneth Mark Hoover
User: kmarkhoover
Date: 2009-11-18 15:47 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
wow, that hippo pic is pretty kewl
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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
User: etcet
Date: 2009-11-18 23:23 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
The pictures weren't as bad as Jay's description suggest, and did lead to some very cool link chasing if you're into giant reptiles. :-)
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User: e_bourne
Date: 2009-11-18 22:01 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I left my heart in Mark's chest. He needed it more than I did.

Fwiw, hippos are the most dangerous animals on the Nile. People are mislead because they are vegetarians and charming round animals.

They are very, very fast. They are very, very strong. They can bite a person (or a croc) in half with one snap. Not really to be messed with.
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User: etcet
Date: 2009-11-18 23:24 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
They are also mean, ornery, smelly, and covered in a layer of sluglike slime (as sunblock, mostly).

My GF works with pygmy hippos, and they're cranky.
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