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[personal|cancer] Counting down the days

the_child, shelly_rae and I had a very lovely evening with frogworth and his family yesterday. We met at Powell's downtown, where I signed stock and bought presents for the Niece, whose sixth birthday is tomorrow. Then we headed over to Jake's Famous Crawfish for a ludicrously sumptuous dinner. Excellent conversation and fascinating stories were shared.

Today is Day Jobbery, then a planned birthday party for the Niece tonight, but she was running a fever yesterday, so that might not happen. Tomorrow the_child, shelly_rae and I are off to the coast to visit the wreck of Peter Iredale, and if time permits, also Indian Beach, which is my favorite West Coast beach. Sunday, a family Thanksgiving, for which I am baking knot rolls. (If you ask nicely, I'll post the recipe.)

Cancer-wise, the world keeps getting narrower as my surgery date approaches. I'm shedding commitments, people, desires, and needs. Not so much with the panic these last few days as with the sadness. I have my pre-operative screening appointment this morning. Monday I'll see my therapist again. Wednesday morning, back to the land of pain and drugs.

calendula_witch will be here Sunday, at which point my heart will be restored to me. She and shelly_rae will keep me pointed in the right direction before surgery, and keep me going after until I'm back on my feet. I'll know more about the chemo come 12/7, once we have the pathology reports in hand and meet with oncologist.

For now, I go on.

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