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[personal] What's next

shelly_rae takes the train home to Seattle this morning, and life officially goes back to more-or-less normal here at Nuevo Rancho Lake, at least until chemo starts on January 8th. Life being more-or-less normal, calendula_witch arrives later this morning by plane from San Francisco. We'll spend some time recentering, then at a family Christmas party tonight. Tomorrow we're off to Seattle for tbclone47's birthday party, where we will see markferrari and shelly_rae, along with many other dear friends.

calendula_witch flies home on Monday. I follow next Saturday, the day after Christmas, accompanied by the_child. We'll get to meet calendula_witch's mysterious aunt from foreign parts, which will be good fun, and bomb around San Francisco. the_child comes back home the 30th, I return on the 3rd, then we begin the slide home into chemo land.

It will be a good Christmas, and good end to the year. I'll be cherishing all that for the New Year, because kicking cancer's ass through chemo is going to take every ounce of good I've ever had in my life. May all of you have a holiday season as joyous and filled with love as mine.
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