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[links] Link salad watches the light come back

mordicai reviews Pinion — Which is the first review I've seen of the book. If you've recently tuned in, Pinion is the third Mainspring book, and will be out in April.

fiction_theory with a (largely negative) review of Mainspring Powell's | Amazon thb | Barnes & Noble | Borders | Audible ]Another micro review here.

Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses artistic intent and experience — This closely parallels my long-stated view that the story belongs to the reader. Interesting example in this post, about an Australian poem being significantl reinterpreted by American readers.

10 Christmases — Lucius Shephard, with a blog post that ought to be turned into a film. Brilliant. Hard. Sharp. Glorious. Go read.

Letters of Note — One could easily lose a few hours wandering around this site.

The Solar System in MaineStrange Maps talks about a scale model of the solar system along Route 1.

Detecting habitable exomoons — Endor, anyone? Or Pandora? From Centauri Dreams.

The Geoengineering GambitTechnology Review on response to climate change. Money shot: "Such effects of climate change no longer surprise scientists. But the speed at which they're happening does." Ah, that liberal conspiracy is so pervasive, it's actually melting Himalyan glaciers just to embarass conservatives. As a side note, I was fascinated to hear the BBC mention recently that Chinese conservatives consider the whole climate change issue an American plot to retard China's industrial growth. Yet another thing American conservatives have in common with hardline Communists. Confidential to conservative America: When your positions most closely resemble Islamic and Communist radicals, it might be time to rethink your positioning.

?otD: Will you read Pinion?

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