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[polls] Caption contest voting poll, Nachoectomy edition

Time for another caption contest voting poll in celebration of my New Adventures in Cancer.

My sister took this photo of me and calendula_witch in the hospital, shortly after my nacho-ectomy.

Nov 26 2009

© 2009 M. Lake, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

garyomaha felt that this was a natural for a caption contest. The usual comment madness ensued: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

I have now converted it to a voting poll. Unfortunately, some of the longer witticisms at my expense are truncated by the poll code, so take the time to pop over to those links and look them over before you vote! Usual rules apply. Prize after the voting poll will be an inscribed ARC of Pinion, plus a bonus book. Plus garyomaha will also get a special prize for his role in inciting this idiocy.

Voting poll is here. Encourage all your friends!

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