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[cancer] More sex, and other mysteries - Lakeshore
An author of no particular popularity

Jay Lake
Date: 2009-12-23 18:32
Subject: [cancer] More sex, and other mysteries
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Tags:calendula, cancer, health, personal, religion, sex
Just spoke to the chemo nurse. I have been advised that due to me being on 5-FU (Fluorouracil), condoms are absolutely required for any relevant sexual act during chemo and for three months afterward. The drugs involved are too disruptive to risk passing on to my sex partners via my ejaculate. Also due to my immunocompromised status, I cannot perform oral sex without a dental dam, as the consequences of me contracting a bacterial infection are severe. This is not surprising, but it does not please me.

In other news, thanks to a prompting from a friend of calendula_witch, I queried about EMLA, an anaesthetic cream that's applied to the skin above the chest port an hour or so prior to the needle being set. The nurse said, "Well, that's a good idea. It will cut down quite a bit on your incidental pain." Which made me wonder why they didn't prescribe it proactively. She also indicated that I can continue physical therapy while under chemo, with no particular cautions. So my shoulder will progress further.

In other news, I'm mulling a post on cancer, stress and my atheism. It seems to need to be discussed — even my clinic is advising me to support my spiritual side through my faith, which seems to considerably privilege religious belief. I'm not planning to make an issue of it there, not at all, just wanting to answer the implied question, which was explicitly voiced by an acquaintance who recently commented, "I just don't understand how you can do this without faith in God."

That definitely deserves a thoughtful response.

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User: farmgirl1146
Date: 2009-12-24 07:51 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I am religious, but this push for the spiritual side is both odd and counterproductive. As with subliminal messages, if one is in conflict with the message (such as feeling "not worthy"), the message will backfire and give the opposite effect. Since you have no feeling for the message, it will have no effect.

I have been, and expect to continue to be roundly criticized for my belief that God is essentially all of us combined and one of us is, in and of ourselves, unimportant. I deeply believe that this is the message of Christ, as well as other messengers of the truth.

Therefore, it is not what God does for you, it is how you react and respond to your situation that truly counts. You cannot allow yourself to be second guessed by others.

BTW, I have found the those who push God (an amorphous concept or fire and brimstone) on to others, are often have the greatest lack, therefore in the greatest need, for inner strength. Ignore them. Be yourself, be generous, and be kind. It really is not all that hard, and probably helps with healing.
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