January 16th, 2005


My RadCon Schedule

<td>11 pm</td><td>On Being a John W. Campbell Award Winner</td></tr>
3 pmUsing People to Make Characters
7 pmOpening Ceremonies (yes, I have a special purpose there)
11 amThe Value of Reviews and Reviewing
1 pm Autographing
2 pmHow a Story Goes Through the Slush Pile
10 pmWriting With Illustrators
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General Update

1) Yes, I wrenched my knee pretty good falling on ice yesterday. The Child, meanwhile, was hopping, skipping and jumping (quite literally all three) on the same glassy slicks which tormented me so.

2) Yes, I backed over and smashed my eyeglasses with the Genre car a few days ago. No, I still don't want to talk about it, though it will be a funny story when I get over being annoyed.

3) Yes, I am off to Omaha tomorrow, then the Oregon coast over the weekend and into next week. Expect light to non-existent blogging therefore. And yes, the high temp in Omaha tomorrow will be clawing its way up to a mighy fifteen degrees F.

Party on, y'all. Write more.
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