February 6th, 2005


Food of the gods

specficrider and I recently came across the best bbq outside Texas. By strange coincidence, both of us happen to think that The Salt Lick, in Driftwood, TX, is about the best bbq joint on earth. However, we ate at Ranch House BBQ on Hwy 8, about twenty minutes west of Olympia (take the 101 North exit, then follow the signs towards Aberdeen, WA). I think this is an hour+ outside Seattle and a good two hours outside Portland, plus the usual traffic delays. I'd eaten there once last summer by random chance, and we were both in a mood to see if the brisket was really any good.

The first clue is the wall o' trophies along the main counter -- these people are into serious BBQ. We split a combo platter featuring pork ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken, along with some rather tasty garlic fries, a good biscuit and some acceptable cole slaw. The sauce was excellent. Best brisket I've had since I left Texas, and the rest of the meats were darned good, too. If I have any complaints, it's that they should provide more napkins as a default, and there needs to be more biscuits or cornbread served with the meal.

Runner up status for worthy BBQ goes to Big Daddy's in Portland, on SE Hawthorne. I'm not very impressed with the brisket, but both pork options are excellent, as are the Louisiana hot links. And there are four (!) sauces on the table. Plus fried pickles and hush puppies available.

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My cat is an idiot, part 3,416

Ahriman, the big orange tom, just decided he had to be on top of my dresser. The dresser which has layers of crap (books, socks with holes in the toe, Jay Lake buttons, candles, Swatches, etc.) going back months, the dresser on top of which he has never ventured in the two years he's lived down here as far as I know.

Cursing ensures as objects rain down upon the unsuspecting floor...
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