February 21st, 2005



Somewhat unexpectedly I am going to Potlatch in two weeks. I have tickets into San Jose arriving Friday evening and leaving midday Sunday. I may need to rent a car unless someone can help with transportation, but more to the point, does someone have hotel crash space Friday and Saturday night for the Con?

Inquiring minds want to know...
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Meme-age, my ten things

Ten things I've done that most of you probably haven't done...in no particular order.

1. Flooded a moving car with raw sewage (by accident!)

2. Climbed down into a classical Greek tomb through a missing keystone in the vaulted arch

3. Walked on the Great Wall of China at three different locations

4. Wandered through the ruins of both Kharakorum andPhilippi, two erstwhile capitals of known-world-spanning empires

5. Slept entirely through a major hurricane making landfall (Alicia)

6. Been soundly thrashed at croquet by Amy Carter back when she was First Daughter

7. Fought a fatal housefire caused by burning pornography

8. Been required (by common sense and a desire for self-preservation) to check for baboons prior to taking a roadside leak

9. Lost a fight with a hawk over an egg salad sandwich

10. Owned (and still own) an Old School Tie from a prestigious East Coast prep school
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KidLit, viva Espana, etc

Misc notes...just finished the page proofs of my story in Animal Companions, "Eggs for Breakfast", wherein I display my uncanny knack for writing as if I were a fourteen-year-old girl. Rest assured I am not now nor have I ever been a fourteen-year-old girl. Of course, I haven't been an intelligent city, Satan incarnate, or any number of other characters I've written, so maybe this is okay. And of course, it's fun to be in a book with specficrider and numerous other friends and acquaintances.

In the KidLit department, it has been pointed out to me that my short novel Rocket Science, coming out from Fairwood Press this August, is more-or-less a YA novel. Surprise, surprise...

And I'm told by BEM Online that the Spanish translation of my story "The Trick of Disaster" will be up on Wednesday, February 23rd at http://www.bemonline.com/. I look forward to perusing the adventures of Cavity the Clown in Spanish, a language I don't happen to read. Luckily for me the story can be seen here in its original publication.

More hijinx to come, including a note to watch this space for the next big Frank-and-Jay idea for BayCon. We're GoHs, and we've got a doozie in the pipeline.
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