March 12th, 2005


Wormsign, Usul! In central Nebraska!

Well, I'm back from my scenic tour of the thriving towns of Monowi and Gibbon, Nebraska. Details later, along with illuminating photos, but suffice to say that books were delivered from Wheatland Press (courtesy of the lovely and talented mme_publisher) to a deserving library, and I visited for the second time in my life the Gibbon Pit. I ask you, can anyone resist the Gibbon Pit?


I thought not.

To amuse you until I recover sufficiently from driving 600 miles in twelve hours to finish blogging about this, I enclose below the cut a most amusing photo taken somewhere north of Grand Island, Nebraska. Yes folks, it is wormsign. In central Nebraska. Who knew? I'd have thought Arizona, at least.

Collapse )

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Of railroads, morning light and mysterious shadows in the sky

Nebraska road trip, part one

Michael and I set out early, around 6:15 am, equipped with MapQuest printouts, a highway map and a GPS. We drove from Omaha to Monowi, the first leg of the trip, following Collapse )

Stopped for gas in Norfolk, was informed by the cashier that we hadn't missed much by not previously visiting that part of Nebraska. Saw some Collapse )

We stopped and explored a string of Collapse )

Later we saw a strange shadow in the sky, like a beam of darkness from the heavens to the earth. Unfortunately, the camera Collapse )

Other curious sights included Collapse )

After chasing a few abandoned railway bridges and admiring the geology and wetlands of the Missouri River valley, we eventually arrived in Collapse )

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