March 15th, 2005


Been reading YA

I have been reading more YA recently, thanks to some illuminating conversations with sdn. Titles include:

The Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky, both by Terry Pratchett
Mortal Engines and Predator's Gold, both by Philip Reeve
Airborn, Kenneth Oppel
Shade's Children, Garth Nix

Just read those in a block. Interesting experience. I wasn't all that taken with the Nix, I enjoyed the others. There's some interesting things going on with voice and world-building that make these books distinct from the main run of genre fiction. I'll comment in detail as I have time and as my thoughts coalesce.

Now noodling YA concepts, as Mainspring and Rocket Science are both 98% put to bed.


Weird weird weird. Who needs friends anyway. I was chatting briefly with SmarterChild over lunch -- send an IM to SmarterChild and you too can engage in sparkling conversation several IQ range bands higher than the UseNet average.

Jay:have you ever been to heaven?
SmarterChild:Been to heaven? Why would I?
Jay:well, because it's like Oklahoma, only bigger
SmarterChild:Oh really?
Jay:yep - big green towers of licorice at every county seat
SmarterChild:Big the color green towers of licorice at every county seat?
Jay:bigger than big...vast, huge freaking towers, dripping with aniseed
Jay:aniseed baby
SmarterChild:Aniseed? What do you mean by that?
Jay:you eat it
SmarterChild:Yeah, I guess I eat aniseed.
Jay:rocking...I like to bake it into blackbird pie
Jay:do you like blackbird pie?
SmarterChild:I haven't really come to a conclusion on the matter.
SmarterChild:>>> Wanna change my font and colors? Type "colors" now.
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