March 20th, 2005


Paging any RPG geeks

Anybody out there want my Brown Book D&D manuals, the Blue Box manual, and some early first-edition AD&D books and supporting material? Also some Dragon magazine issues from the 40s to the 80s, non sequential. All material is rather foxed. Yours for my shipping cost. Otherwise it's going to recycling soon.

Addendum: This pile of stuff includes both the first edition Dieties and Demigods manuals, the one with Chtulu and the one without.

Addendum the Second: The books have been spoken for, and there is an alternate speakee as well. Thank you for playing.

Meanwhile, around Rancho Lake

Meanwhile, around Rancho Lake, I spent much of this weekend cleaning my dungeon-apartment. It's amazing what avoiding the hassle of tax filing can motivate one to do. Much help from the Child, who also watched videos, and was horrified by Babe. I am now listening to a selection of Dire Straits CDs thoughtfully loaded by her into the stereo before heading across the street to jam with her rock band pals.

Casualties of the weekend so far:

  • ten boxes of books mailed to a SFWA CPB repository -- thank god for library rate postage

  • about ten boxes of paper (mostly old mss and mail) taken to the country recycling dropoff (a/k/a the Solid Waste Transfer Station, a vasty warehouse haunted by gelid light and fluttering pigeons amid which stained earthmovers groan under tons of trash like freakish grasshoppers condemned to an eternity of garbage shuffling in punishment for their infrugal ways in the Kingdom of the Ants)

  • six boxes of books purged from the shelves for distribution to the members of my writing workshop

  • an entire component stereo disassembled and given away

  • a box of classic D&D and first edition AD&D material unearthed and promptly given away

  • uncovered a clipping of my birth announcement (yes, a forty-year old slip of newsprint), along with my first driver's license (CT, 1980, if anyone is really wondering -- and no, I'm not going to post an image of it here -- unless that were a new lj meme, maybe)

  • my back

  • no progress on filing taxes

I'm about to do Things Editorial for a while, but before I toddle off into that infamous zone of semiautonomous literatocognition, here's a few images from Collapse )
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