March 30th, 2005


Stupid things which make me crazy #347-a

Following up on what the_flea_king alleges to be my most banal post ever, I have once more torn the nail on that same pinkie toe, at which point I resorted to a band-aid, and just now stubbed it (band-aid and all) stumbling on some carpet rucked up by the resident morons. I also managed in the same moment of glory to scrape my right wrist on the corner of a bookshelf, leading to something which is going to be annoyingly painful Real Soon Now™.

Meanwhile, TEL : Stories has a beautiful proof, which I have been sharing with my authors. Heading into the copy editing and blurbing stage now. It's almost soup, people.

And more minty publishing goodness, though most of it is still in murky discussion stages. Let's just say I'm apparently doomed to spend the rest of my life moonlighting as an anthologist. It's all mme_publisher's fault, she got me into this in the first place. She's an enabler, I tell you. And my profound thanks to her.

Off to read a bit. Write more.
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Storyword Update

For those of you who follow my storywords project (now about 2-1/2 years running), I'm in the process of moving it from blogger to a livejournal community. if you haven't seen it before, check it out. Essentially I write a very brief story every day from a word someone suggests or that strikes my fancy. I occasionally invite guest writers. It's my equivalent of getting up and jogging around the block, except my fingers don't have buns of steel.