April 10th, 2005


Keeping the hall tigers away

Now looking over the proofs of my Aeon #3 story, "You Will Go On." I'd forgotten how much I liked this piece.

Brief excerpt:

“Rats don’t yelp,” I said over the clatter of our running. We didn’t have no boots nor shoes, but a lot of the Hunt Group liked to drag our spears when we weren’t sneaking. Made us sound fierce and maybe kept the hall tigers away.

Then we were around him, the Hunt Group one big, metal-toothed animal, our spears pointing in like a collar to close around the neck of this stranger’s life.
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Life imitates cliche, as the Child speaks

Yesterday we walked past the Little League game in progress at the ballfield down the block from our house. The Child's friend Adam (13) was standing behind the first basegirl. Adam said hello to us, and the Child asked him what he was doing. Adam explained he was the first-base umpire. Shortly after, we had the following exchange.

Child:So Adam's an umpire?
Child:Where is his cape?
Child:Where is his cape? His shiny teeth? His blood-juice?
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