April 13th, 2005


Minty Writing Goodness

A couple of items of minty writing goodness.

specficrider and I have sold a collaborative piece, "The Rivers of Eden", to Futurismic. Publication schedule tbd.

Also, my first-ever Asimov's story is out in the June issue, "Martyr's Carnival". And I got my name on the cover. Woot!
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Additional minty goodness

Just found out "Into the Gardens of Sweet Night" will appear in Portuguese at DQ Fanzine -- my first Portuguese appearance. The story is already scheduled for Swedish and Polish appearances, and I've had other stories in Romanian, Greek and Spanish. Woot!

I know I go to the post office a lot

But today in line at my local postal station waiting to mail packages and whatnot, the phone behind the counter rang, and it was for me.

(Turned out to be my friend the relief box clerk, who'd called in for some USPS business reason, and the counter clerk mentioned I was in line, but still...)
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