April 22nd, 2005


It's official, the cat is a stone retard

This is kind of hard to explain, but I'll try. I was just in the bathroom, doing what comes naturally. Ahriman, the red tom, doesn't like being out when I'm in. If I don't keep the bathroom door cracked open so he can nudge his way in, he'll jump up on the old sewing table in the main room, then from there to the top of the wall and squeeze in between the joists. (My apartment is in the basement, and doesn't really have ceilings, just the bottom of the floor above, so the walls which run perpendicular to the direction of the joints have a series of 12-inch wide gaps at their top.) Then he hops down into the bathroom and does whatever the heck it is he does.

So I'm sitting, like I said, pretty much committed to that position. Ahriman has come in via the top of the wall. He futzes around for a minute, then forgets which side of the bathroom he's on and leaps for the gap between the joists on the outside wall. Winds up hanging by his forepaws, hindpaws scrabbling on the bamboo blind of my bathroom window, trying to figure out what the heck to do next. While I'm still stuck in a sitting position, simultaneously mad at him for savaging the blind and laughing my butt off at his stupidity.

Why do I keep this nerd around!?
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New Web site is in production

I've finally rolled the Web site update into production here. Doubtless there are still gripes to be made by all concerned, but I've swept up the last few rounds of comments here, and added an embed of this lj back to that site, to keep fresh content on the home page. Feel free to comment further, but absent sheer outright errors or typos, I'm done futzing with it for now. If someone is dying to optimize the code (Mrs deedop?), that would be wunnerful, otherwise, party on.

PS - In all fairness there are a couple of nagging issues, such as how the table elements display at the very top page margin when scrolling down, but this project has hit the reasonable limits of both my (x)html expertise and my monkey-see, monkey-do capabilities.