April 24th, 2005


Dreams and cats

Woke up this morning dreaming of a bacon-powered starship.

Mmmm...breakfast cruise to Centaurus.

Meanwhile, the Child is watching The Aristocats, which features the song "Everybody Wants To Be a Cat" including the immortal line, "Shanghai, Hong Kong, egg foo yung; fortune cookie always wrong." I'm pretty sure that's highly-non-PC and rather offensive, but it still strikes me as funny as heck.

Back to work, me.
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    The Aristocats (what else...?)

Stairway to Heaven

Since someone asked me about it this evening, here is Collapse )

This photo does a poor job of conveying the true bizarre immensity of this old WPA pipeline, though. This is a very impressive nearly half mile fall of massive concrete pipe down a very steep slope in the middle of nowhere, topped by a crumbling stairway that is terrifying to behold. It was used as an outdoor location for the movie The Postman, as well.

(In case you're wondering, that's just east of Three Lynx, OR, a town that literally isn't there.)

Off to Omaha

Off to Omaha at the crack of doom tomorrow. Most likely light to non-existent blogging through next weekend. You all play nice.