May 9th, 2005


The Child speaks

Driving south on I-5, toward home yesterday. We had come out of some heavy rain, and the car window was speckled with water drops.

Child:I just realized something about these water drops. There's a whole world inside each of them.
Dad:Oh really?
Child:Yes. I can see the land in every drop, except it's upside down. Like when you see yourself in a spoon.
Dad:Why do you think that is?
Child:(considers...) It's a magnifying glass, except things aren't upside down in a magnifying glass.

The unbearable lightness of videotape

I just received a DVD courtesy copy of the video interview Pat Henderson did of me for BayCon whilst at Norwescon. Notes to self:

1) Never do a video interview on the last day of a Con
2) Never do a video interview first thing in the morning

I sound like an overworked frog, and look like I'm recovering from the measles. I swear I shaved that day, but at 9 am I had both five o'clock shadow and a razor spot from my electric shaver. Or maybe it's just the lighting. Or maybe it's just me...