May 24th, 2005



In today's mail, among other things, my contributor's copies of Fantastic Companions, ed. Julie Czerneda, with stories from me, specficrider and many other fine authors.

Also received a credit card solicitation from a Major Consumer Bank addressed to the Child. The Child, being seven years of age, occupation: little girl, with no income, seems an odd candidate for embarking on the lifetime journey of the miracle that is credit.

And it's about 55 degrees and cloudy out there. I actually got chilled walking to the post office. This late in May. Wow.

Back to work, everyone.
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Another day in the trenches. Saw my first proposed Interaction programming schedule today. Have in my hot little hands ARCs of TEL : Stories -- I'll have fondle copies with me at BayCon. Got the proof of "Like Cleveland, Without the Sparkle". Had a book signing in Salem to which nobody came. (mme_publisher and I had a good time anyway...I mean, we were in a book store.) Packing for BayCon tonight, though I'm not leaving til Thursday. I am travelling with an absurd amount of paraphernalia.

That is all. You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.
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Selling the van

Anyone in the I-5 corridor interested in a 1995 Toyota Previa DX SC All-Trac? 120K miles, many extras, KBB $5,300, asking $4,500 OBO. Good mechanical condition. Email me at jlake (a) jlake dot com.