May 26th, 2005


Dept of Knowing You Spend Too Much Time in Airports

Heading down the concourse from my tasty lunch at Good Dog/Bad Dog (mmm...Chairman of the Board) to my gate at C1, I passed a woman on the slidewalk who I've sat next to on the PDX-DFW flight (or its return leg) enough times that we both know where we work, what our general schedules are, and what each of us does for a living.

It's a leetle, teeny, tiny world, and I'm pretty sure if we shook it real hard snow would fall all over everything.

Airline follies

The last three times I've flown Alaska Airlines, the flights have been delayed by, respectively, a brake problem on the aircraft, a wet rug in the galley and a balky computer system at the gate. Today's winner is an unspecified odor inside the cabin.


I had to miss the Child's dance recital at school for the privilege of sitting around the airport and waiting on an odor.
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