June 9th, 2005



So I don't blog about food much. I mean, I have this weird diet and stuff. But R and I did something awesomely tasty today.

A few days ago I'd made us beast burgers, me, R and the Child. (Digression: equal parts ground lamb, ground pork, ground beef, one egg per pound of meat, lots of soy sauce, chopped cilantro, spices to taste [we used pickled garlic chopped fine as well], mix well, set to marinate for several hours, fry pepper bacon in pan, fry burgers in some bacon grease, serve on garlic toasted kaiser rolls with bacon, blue cheese, veggies and spread to test.) I'd had a brain fart at New Seasons and bought twice as much meat as I needed, so we wound up with three cooked patties sitting in the fridge.

Well, this stuff is basically meatloaf. It keeps okay. So today I made some more garlic bread, using seeded pico from QFC, cooked some more bacon, sliced two of the patties in half and cooked 'em flat side down in the bacon grease, flipped 'em over, layered a bunch of Stilton cheese on one each of the flat sides, re-assembled the patties, and cooked 'em even more with the Stilton melting in the middle -- just to warm this time, since they came out of the fridge cooked from the other day. Laid those on the garlic bread with bacon and veggies, some excellent potato salad R had made the other day on the side, and garlic dill pickles.

My gummies they were good. Who knew you could twice-cook a burger?

Oh, and I can speak incredibly well of Schwarz und Weiss Iowa blue cheese. Just saying...

PS. More on the cheese here. I have found it at the New Seasons on SE Division here in Portland, FYI.