June 19th, 2005


Give Books!

klingonguy, a/k/a Dr. Lawrence Schoen, is spearheading a project called Give Books. Give Books is a non-partisan, apolitical project that sends books to US troops overseas. Shipping is free, courtesy of support from FedEx...all you have to do is box 'em and drop 'em. The project can also use some funding donations. So if you've got surplus books -- a case of an old title of yours, or an upcoming shelf purge, or just a fit of generosity in progress -- follow the link to the Give Books Web site.

Sometimes being a writer can make a difference.

Mildly odd

Got a jury questionnaire for the US District Court. I have dutifuly filled it out. My prior experience with being summoned for jury duty is no defense attorney with a functioning brain cell would let me anywhere near trial, since I'm fairly clueful and not terribly easy to snow with logic chopping and emotional appeals, but I've also never been summoned to a Federal jury. We shall see what comes of this.

Random utterances

The Child: "How can a dime be worth more than a penny when it's smaller?"


The Child and I were in QFC when the song "Smooth" by Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas came on the PA. I began dancing down the aisle. The Child said, "Daaaaad. If you're going to dance in the store, I'm walking behind you and I'm not going to look at you."

And so it begins.


For some reason, I remembered something my old girlfriend A said to me once -- she who left me to go back to work on the railroad, for those who've heard my life story in any detail -- "When I get to Heaven, it's going to be full of people who gather round me and say, 'yes, you were right,' 'yep, right all along,' 'you were right, uh-huh.'"


Trying to go to bed, I swear...I have to be up in about six hours from now to fly to Omaha. But the storm which mme_publisher just referred to has been passing by just to the south of Rancho Lake, and the Child came bursting in here a few minutes ago to summon me to see one of the most spectacular skies I've ever witnessed in my life.

To the north was a ragged sky with orange clouds and blue beyond that could have been painted by Maxfield Parrish. To the south was the deep dark of a thunderstorm at dusk. To the east was a very large rainbow, probably over 100 degrees of the visible horizon, extremely bright. It had a second, dimmer rainbow offset by another five or so degrees. The very strange part was that the sky within the rainbow was a markedly different color than the sky outside it...glowing an eerie pale orange I've never seen before. Outside the rainbow was a dimmer orange-gray not atypical of dusk on a misty day. As we watched, the top third of the bright inner rainbow dissolved from the strong color bands to what I can only describe as color ripples, like the interference pattern from a polarized lens. Meanwhile, within the bright orange interior sky, lightning was forking from cloud to cloud and down to the ground. It looked like a gate to another world.

My little digital camera did a pisspoor job of capturing this, but here is Collapse )