July 3rd, 2005


Miscellaneous updatery

Good weekend at the parents' beach house in Ocean Park, WA. The Child and I have been here since Friday night. Right now all heck is breaking loose out on the beach as people have been shooting off some fairly major fireworks since dusk an hour or so ago. Productive weekend -- I've knocked back about eight thousand words in the last two days, bringing two different projects to important checkpoints. Also been to see the whale skeleton, eaten some righteous fudge, visited the kite and cranberry museums, seen the Fourth of July Pet Parade, bought a cool hat, spent time on location doing story research (and writing on my laptop at the end of an old jetty), eaten some pretty decent bbq from a pretty weird bbq joint, flown kites on the beach with the Child, seen deer and ducks, and enjoyed the company of my parents.

Happy Fourth, y'all.