July 21st, 2005


Wickersham Brothers

It occurs to me that the loosely constituted membership and committees of MonkeyCon ought to be known by some name or other. May I suggest we call ourselves the Wickersham Brothers?

Suggestions for t-shirt, button and commemorative mug design are being solicited by the MonkeyCon management.

A little more wisdom of the Child

The Child today informed me that echoes, mirrors and shadows were all kind of the same thing. I asked her why. She said a mirror was a reflection, and an echo was a reflection too, and a shadow was your shape so it was kind of a reflection of you. With a little directed questioning from me, she equated the reflection of sound with the reflection of light, but I couldn't quite get her to generalize that they both behaved in a similar fashion. We've done little optics demos with flashlights and parabolic mirrors and talked about ripples and waves in the past, but she's still putting it all together.

Of course, this is the Child with whom I was discussing the difference between cost and price last week. On her own she correctly identified labor as a key component of cost (she called it work), and we were able to Socratically discuss our way around to materials and equipment. Price was a little tougher, since I had to work out how to make scarcity make sense. Demand she understands, scarcity was a little tougher. I think we got there with a discussion of the price of vanilla and other spices.