July 27th, 2005


Rocket Science Redux

The new Interzone has a review of Rocket Science by John Clute, which has been variously reported to me as favorable and as ambiguous. Since my copy has yet to arrive in my mailbox, I don't know. Anyone with some time on their hands and copy of the new IZ care to email me or fax me review info?

Update shsilver has been kind enough to supply me with the information. Thank you very much, sir.

PS - It's still not clear to me whether the review nets out favorably, but it's fascinating reading.
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Fie and fiddle -- not going to Scotland

I'm afraid I'm having to cancel my Interaction trip. Real life has gotten in the way in the form of my day job. (Nothing dreadful, but stuff that's important enough that I had to make a tough choice.) So y'all will have to have the lj party without me.

Which I suppose also means I have an Interaction membership for transfer/sale if anyone's still looking.

Ps -- I still expect to be at both CascadiaCon and World Fantasy, so hopefully see some, all or none of you there.
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