August 9th, 2005


Rocket Science review update

So now I've seen Rocket Science reviewed in June (Tim Pratt) and August (Nick Gevers) Locus, as well as by Rich Horton on his newsgroup, by Paul Di Filippo at, and by John Clute in Interzone 199, July/August. So far, so good, mostly. Heh.

Trendlines in the perversity of the universe

Went out tonight to hit the highway for a few minutes trying to analyze a problem with the Genre car. Collapse ) Anyhoo, in my drivings around I noticed that some stupid mofo has stolen my ashtray.

I know exactly when it happened -- I drove by the post office on my way to lunch to mail a bunch of mss submissions and some copies of Rocket Science. The car was hotter than heck, so I left the windows down while I went inside for several minutes. I keep change in the ashtray, which is usually about half open so I can drop it in there or fish it out (for parking meters or whatever) so anyone walking by would have seen the glint of lucre. Probably all of $4 in change, but now I have to go to all the trouble and expense of finding another effing ashtray for my car.

Geeze, I'd have given them $4 for the asking by preference to the stupid factor this is going to entail. So much for human nature.