August 16th, 2005


Stuff for free and for sale

If you live in the I-5 corridor between Eugene and Seattle, I have going for free:

Brother MFC-4550 multifunction fax/printer, about six or eight years old, fax works fine except feeder doesn't always handle multiple sheets properly, printer controller may be wonky (I stopped using it about four years ago for a printer), printing engine works just fine. I replaced it because I got tired of single-sheet feeding large faxes.

Panasonic 2-Line cordless phone (900 Mhz); AT&T Caller ID box (because phone doesn't have one). I replaced them with a 5.8GHz phone to cut down on crosstalk with my WiFi.

I'll get these to you for free if I can get 'em to you by car.


I am strongly considering selling my PowerBook G4, and buying one of the new Intel PowerBooks which are about to come out. It's a 12 inch PowerBook, about 13 months old, 1.33 GHz G4 processor, 768 MB RAM, 60 MB HD, Airport Extreme, all the usual stuff. If you're interested let me know, we can discuss price. I suppose I could ship this anywhere...

Addendum To be slightly more specific, this model reconditioned from the Apple store would be about $1199. So I'd sell it for, say, $800, discounted for wear-and-tear and not being under the 90-day reconditioned Apple warranty. Everything works just fine on the machine.