August 26th, 2005


Coastwise with the Child

Made it into town for, oh, three hours. Ran an essential computer-related errand, threw beach clothes in the car, caught the Child's performance at the end of Circus Camp (oh, man...), then hit the road for my parents' place out on the Long Beach Peninsula.

As we were cooking along US-30, I pointed out a deer by the side of the road. The deer promptly ran into traffic and got flattened by the SUV in front of us. Crunch, bounce, bits of bone and flesh flying. The child marvelled at this, then burst into tears at the unfairness of it all. This eventually led to a discussion of the great circle of life and how in death animals (and people) return to the earth, and the processes of decomposition. Then we talked about evolution (smart deer living long enough to have babies, dumb deer getting killed by cars, therefore deer get smarter), then we talked about blunt force trauma and emergency medicine. This eventually devolved into a discussion of the chicken guns used to certify commercial aircraft against bird strikes.

Everything is a teachable moment in this life, I guess.

Back to Portland Sunday afternoon, off to Seattle for Nasfic on Thursday.

More tired than an eighteen wheeler, me.