August 28th, 2005


Updated bibliography

I have updated my bibliography through September, 2005. I'll be posting it to my Web site soon, but if anyone's dying to see it I guess I can post it here behind a cut or something.

A couple of minor nits and notes

Yesterday in Brooks' BBQ in Long Beach, WA, the woman running the counter (I'd guess she was about my age) mistook me and my dad for brothers. While it is true that we look more like each other (a lot more) than we do like either his brother or mine, that was still a little odd. Funny. He's still grinning, I think.

And the Child just burst into my apartment in what I can only describe as paroxysms of excitement over the fact that next weekend she's going to be interviewed on an alternative rock radio show. I'll post station and time details when I understand them a little better.

That is all. You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.

Back in what passes for a saddle around these parts

I'm home tonight. It occurs to me that my life has essentially been in a continuous state of disruption since the Senior Upstairs Tenant departed for two and a half weeks in late July. I had full time custody of Child in her absence, and have managed to be out of town far more than home since her return. Back now for three days, then I'm gone 11 days, back for 6, and gone for 7 more. I'm out 18 days in September. Yikes. Luckily it settles down a lot after that -- a Thanksgiving trip to Texas, and WFC in Madison.

All of this has played merry hell with my writing. There was the sale specficrider and I made to SCI FICTION, which required some very rapid action on our part to consummate (editorial changes, updated bibliographies, etc.) Also a story to a sekrit project which had to be in before the end of August (it was). Progress on the novel has languished, though I did finish the first draft of a short piece "The Women Who Ate Stone Squids" today, subject of my earlier excerpt therefrom.

And of course, it has been the Weekend of Rocket Science, what with reviews landing in my inbox from Booklist, The Denver Post and Emerald City in the last 24 hours or so, on top of recent activity in Neo-Opsis,, and two different issues of Locus, as well as comments from Stephen Silver and Rich Horton. At least they all spelled my name right.

It is my devout hope to put out a couple of more novel chapters before NASFIC eats my brain. There's a few short stories whispering in my ear, and some down-the-road deadlines, including something (hopefully) soon-to-be-contracted. And a storm to watch, a Child to listen to, cats to feed, and all the other minutiae and appurtenances of life at Rancho Lake.

A bit more on the Child's burgeoning career in radio

She is apparently going to be a guest on an alt.rock program next weekend, on KBOO I believe, where she has been invited to program a music set, and will be interviewed by the DJ.

Ya know, when I was seven years old, no one cared about my taste in music.

(To explain slight further, the host is the lead singer of PJ-WA, a/k/a Point Juncture, WA, the prog-rock band with which the Child sometimes jams when they rehearse in their space across the street from Rancho Lake. Jesse has apparently had enough conversations anent matters musical with the Child to decide she would be interesting on the air. Assuming she doesn't go blank in front of the microphones, she will be pretty funny I'm betting, since she's witty and articulate. With luck there will be an .mp3 I can post after the fact.)