September 5th, 2005


Monday, Monday, that Nasfic day

Last day of Nasfic. Sleep has receded to a distant memory. (Actually I did okay last night, Biohazard notwithstanding.) Couple of panels, then home briefly before heading for Omaha tonight on the red-eye. Did catch the first 45 minutes of the Child's radio show yesterday on streaming audio (and a huge thanks to deedop for shouting that out yesterday). Laters...

"There are a lot of buttons, and switches, everywhere"

The Child went on the air Sunday with success. deedop and others heard the broadcast. As she said to me later, "there are a lot of buttons, and switches, everywhere."

I'm currently ripping a minidisc provided by DJ Jesse. When I get a chance I'll edit in some choice bits -- she was quite funny. In the mean time, I'm attaching a link to her song "Flower Party", recorded by The Child and Jesse.

(Legal/download note...this is an original composition and recording, (c) 2005 B Lake, distributed under the Creative Commons license. See below.)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

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    "Flower Party"

One last note

I'll post some kind of Nasfic summary when I find time, but I'm in the "lounge" of Gate C9 at PDX right now waiting for the red-eye to Dallas with a connection on to Omaha. Not back til next Sunday. Expect light blogging and slow email response times to continue until the 12th.

That is all. You may shop as usual. No need to return to your homes.